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The Lazer 900

The Lazer 900 is the most advanced basketball training system ever created. Made especially for training facilities like Ragin Hoops, our coaches have players getting better handles in no time.

  • Drills ranging from basic ball handling to hand eye coordination

  • Play against real defenders and exercise your court vision

  • Dynamic content designed to keep you on your toes with your eyes up – no two drills are the same

Extreme Sports Bike

The Gun 8000

The Gun 8000 by Shoot-A-Way is the best basketball shooting machine to date for dramatically improving your player’s shot. This basketball shooting machine will act as an automatic rebounder, instantly rebounding a made or missed shot and giving a direct return pass for another shot. Get the most out of your team or individual workouts!

  • Pre-Programmed Shooting Drills, and fires up to 1800 shots per hour

  • Increase players arch to 45 degrees and get a 44% increase in target size

  • Swivels to deliver full perimeter shooting – fires balls in the direction it is pointing or can rotate 180 degrees, throwing up to 9 balls around the perimeter

NOAH Basketball Analytics

Already used by half the NBA, numerous college teams, and high schools around the country, NOAH is a proven system – backed by the research of over 180 million shots

  • The system tracks every shot, and it provides verbal feedback for the three attributes that determine shooting percentages- Shot Arc, Depth, and Left/Right.

  • Shooting percentages and unique Rim Maps are available that pinpoint exactly where the ball is entering the rim.

  • All the data is uploaded to, where you can find consistency scores as well as interactive shot charts. You can quickly filter by area of the court, date, or player.

  • Coaches and players can see workouts, and they can quickly determine what areas will help players improve their shot. This helps makes practice more efficient by already knowing exactly where players need the most work.

Vertical Jump Trainer

Vertimax V8 Platform

The V8 is a vertical jump, agility, power, and speed training system designed for multi-point leg and arm loading on-platform with up to 4 band multi-point off-platform speed training out to approximately 30 feet. The equipment trains up to 5 athletes simultaneously (1 on platform and 4 off-platform).

VertiMax platforms are trusted by professional, Olympic, collegiate, and youth sports athletes, trainers, and coaches around the world. The technology enables athletes young and old to realize increased power, agility, speed, and vertical jump performance like no other equipment available today.

Ragin Hoops will Improve Your Skills and Push the Boundaries to the Max

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